Galaxy S24 Rumored to Retain Google Search Engine over Bing

By: Dan Cooper

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Widgets: A Handy Little Feature of Android Phones

As a user of an Android terminal, you may not pay much attention to the space in the window of your phone. However, beyond placing the applications in the place you want, you can place different elements called widgets, where every phone with Google’s operating system usually has one centered on the signature.

Despite rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S24 could potentially lose the Google widget, it appears that Samsung may be keeping it after all.

The Importance of Widgets

Many internet users are constantly searching for things they need, and mobile apps have made this process much faster and easier. However, widgets can be even faster if possible. This is where the Google widget comes in handy.

The possibility of Bing replacing the Google widget caused a stir among users. It is true that Microsoft is making progress in its search engine, but when using the widget, the search engine is what works instead of the chat.

Google’s Progress with Bard

Although there was speculation that Samsung was switching to Bing, Techradar’s recent report indicates that Samsung will be keeping the Google widget as its default search engine. However, this development does not mean that things cannot change in the future.

Recent developments at the Mountain View house suggest that Google is already making progress with Bard. The company plans to integrate Bard into its products to make the life of users much easier than it is now.


As Samsung continues to give users a good service with their phones, everything is subject to change. However, regardless of what happens, Google Chrome will always be one of the first options for Android users since it is one of the most widespread.

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