Galilea Montijo opens up about new romance with Isaac Moreno

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Great commotion rocked the world of entertainment after rumors circulated about a supposed romance between Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno. Although Montijo announced her divorce from Fernando Reina in March 2023, their age difference of 12 years sparked a debate on social media. However, Montijo finally spoke out about her alleged relationship with the Spanish model. In this article, we will delve into what she said about her romantic life.

Montijo addressed the issue during the “The note that scores” section in the “Hoy” program. She began by saying, “Because they were in gossip, what did they say about my boyfriend?” Montijo’s partner Raúl Araiza replied, “Nothing, that he is coming here to look for you, that he is going to the Cannes festival.” Andrea Legarreta then asked Montijo who they were talking about, and she answered that Johnny Depp, unleashing the laughter of her colleagues. However, when they asked her if she was referring to “looking for the little fish”, Montijo laughed and said, “I was looking for a little shell!”

Although Montijo did not specify whether or not she had a romantic relationship with Isaac Moreno, she made it clear that her priority is her son, Mateo. “The only thing that interests me is my little boy,” Montijo said. Her colleagues from “Hoy” also expressed their support for Montijo’s happiness. “What matters to me is that she is happy. The woman has every right to rebuild her life and be happy,” said Raúl Araiza, emphasizing that age has nothing to do with a relationship.

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In conclusion, Galilea Montijo finally spoke out about the rumors surrounding her alleged relationship with Isaac Moreno. Although she did not confirm their relationship, she made it clear that her romantic life is her own business. Furthermore, her colleagues from “Hoy” showed their support for her, stating that everyone deserves a second or third chance to find happiness.

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