“Galilea Montijo sets the record straight, refuting claims of driving drunk during the fourth gala of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México'”

Galilea Montijo Breaks Silence on Drunk Driving Accusations

Galilea Montijo took the opportunity to address the rumors and harsh accusations that emerged after speculation that she drove drunk during the fourth Elimination Gala at La Casa de los Famosos México on July 2nd. The presenter, who was heavily criticized on social media for slurring her words, spoke up about the viral moment that made her a trending topic on various platforms.

During the start of the Hoy program, Montijo opened up about what had happened to her during the show. She revealed that she recently turned 50 and had to get a bone graft and prosthesis for her mouth. However, during the program, the prosthesis came loose, causing her to struggle with her speech. She even joked about needing something stronger to secure it properly.

Despite having a fondness for alcoholic beverages, Montijo clarified that she has always respected her work and was apprehensive about experiencing any mishaps on live television. She expressed her fear of the prosthesis coming out during the broadcast and apologized to viewers for any difficulties she faced while speaking.

Montijo humorously mentioned that she has yet to find a solution to her problem and jokingly contemplated continuing to speak with a slurred voice throughout the morning broadcast. She expressed her genuine fear of the prosthesis coming loose and how it affected her performance on the show.

In conclusion, Galilea Montijo addressed the accusations of drunk driving and revealed the reason behind her speech difficulties during the show. She emphasized her dedication to her work and the responsibility she feels towards her audience. Despite the challenges she faced, Montijo remained lighthearted and expressed gratitude for the support she received from her colleagues on the show.

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