“Galilea Montijo’s Unforgiving Regret: The Slip That Haunts Her”

Galilea Montijo: Mexico’s Beloved Presenter

Galilea Montijo is a well-known television presenter, actress, and conductor in Mexico. Her face can be found on open Mexican TV as the owner of the Hoy program. She is also a presenter and judge of various reality shows that are broadcast on the same channel, Canal de las Estrellas. Her omnipresence is not only limited to TV but also on social media. She is one of Televisa’s beloved darlings, and any mistake she makes quickly gets amplified to ridiculous proportions.

Her embarrassing moments have been the talk of the town until she committed one of the worst bears in front of the Jesse and Joy duo. On the recent Netas Divinas program, the host confessed that she committed her worst bear in February 2023 when she received the brothers on the show. She wanted to put into context that the last time they had seen each other was during the presentation of their song ‘Chicles,’ but she was wrong. Joy corrected her, and they all laughed.

Despite her embarrassing moments, Galilea Montijo remains a favorite of the masses. She recently announced her divorce from Fernando Reina. “It was because I was clueless, not because I was walking… the speed helps me a lot to be alert, I really like to be alert. That day I was down, and that saddened me a lot,” she said.

Galilea Montijo is soon to host another show, The House of Celebrities, which can also be seen on the Vix+ platform. She is an excellent example of how to bounce back from the embarrassing moments, keep an extremely positive attitude, and win over both the audience and her critics.

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