Game of Thrones: Why did the series lose relevance over the years?

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Game of Thrones is one of the most successful series that HBO had, however, they say that fiction began to lose relevance with the passage of time.

Yes, its ending was lousy, but Game of Thrones was still one of the most iconic series to hit the HBO screen. While preparing spin-offs for the future, the Collider medium released a critique that attracted much attention. Liz Shannon Miller wrote an article titled “Game of Thrones: Why two years later we stopped talking about the Emmy-winning show”. There, he explains what were the reasons why the series began to age in the worst way.

The truth is that times change and this can harm HBO fiction. And although Game of Thrones ended relatively recently, since it was in 2019, there is no doubt that there are many scenes and factors that are criticized today. For this reason, the series began to lose a bit of relevance with the passage of time.

A series that aged badly

According to Liz Shannon Miller, one of the problems why Game of Thrones is not aging in the best way, is because it relied too much on the show and plot twists. “A show can survive a bad ending if it has something to say. But when something is reduced to just a show, that is all that remains when the credits arrive and the power of prevalence of the show is, to be honest, an oxymoron ”, explained.

Another reason is the scenes of sexual violence that generated so much scandal. Although when Game of Thrones was released these scenes only generated disgust, the truth is that with the passage of time, both fans and members of the cast decided to emphasize the importance that these scenes did not lead anywhere and were only there to raping women.

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Liz thinks the same way: “The first A Song of Ice and Fire book is really very special. I don’t know if the television show was able to capture that. I have to say that I stopped watching after the first season, which was the one that adapted the first book. I got to season two and the scene where someone kills a prostitute with a crossbow. And I thought, ‘This is not in the books… This is here purely to be some kind of pornographic violence against women. I don’t need that right now or any other. ‘ Someone made the decision to show this. It’s like when a little boy shows you a poop ”.

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