Game Pass "makes Xbox a more important platform", according to Avalanche Studios

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Avalanche Studios, creators of Contraband, explain what it has meant for the studio to be able to have the support of Xbox Game Pass within their productions. Its CEO, Pim Holfve, declares that the subscription has made Xbox “Be a much more important platform” than they “initially thought.”

Traditional business model, now adapted to Xbox Game Pass

“Game Pass has been really good for us, especially if we see it from the game that we publish ourselves,” says Holfve in an interview with the portal. “TheHunter: Call of the Wild helped us prove that our service model and Xbox Game Pass was fantastic, because it allowed us to reach so many more players. It’s a way for players to test [el juego], and since then we have a wide catalog of additional content (more than 20 DLC). It’s a fantastic way to attract people, to keep them hooked and to be able to show them that it is a stellar game ”.

Holfve therefore reveals that the public “Is tempted to buy more”, so your business model “works” in your favor. At first they thought that their user base would remain mainly on PC, but now they are “reaching a larger audience”.

Contraband is the new project developed by the parents of franchises like Just Cause, which will see the light “at some point in the future.” But why reveal it during E3 2021? “Create a dialogue”Holfve says. “It’s about keeping people talking and not just happening when they’re playing our games. Starting those dialogues is really important to us, but if you show it all from the beginning… I’m not talking specifically about Contraband right now, but you want players to get into the habit of talking about the game. “

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The teaser, which you can see at the head of this news, has “a lot of clues” about what we can find once it lands on the Xbox ecosystem. Only time will tell.



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