Game subscription: Humble Choice locks out Linux and macOS

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Humble has announced major changes to its Humble Choice game subscription that will leave Linux and macOS users out. Part of the change is a uniform launcher that brings together all parts of the game subscription. This launcher will only work on Windows, Humble announced.

As a result of the switch, users will lose access to games from Humble Trove. This includes over 70 titles that all Choice members have previously been able to play for free. In the future, many – but apparently not all – of these games will be integrated into the uniform launcher as the “Humble Games Collection”.

But if you can no longer use this launcher in your operating system, you can no longer download the games. So while Windows users can still load at least some of the games from the Humble Trove, users of Linux and macOS will then be left behind.

The good news: the games can be downloaded on all operating systems for a few more days before the launcher is released. Humble is currently notifying Choice subscribers of upcoming subscription changes, which is to be implemented on February 1st. This info-mail states that the Trove games can still be installed until January 31st. They will then remain playable without restrictions even after February 1st. After that, there is no way to get them again without the launcher.

It is still unclear which games from the Humble Trove will migrate to the new Humble Games Collection. in one Blog entry writes Humble of “over 50 indie games”, the current Trove library contains 71 games. Other titles from the Trove will also migrate to a new area called “Vault”.

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As part of the transition, Humble is also ditching all previous subscription models and replacing them with a single plan: $12 per month gives access to the new Humble Games Collection and regular free giveaways. It is not yet known how much Humble Choice will cost in Germany from February 1st.


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