Gaming on Your TV with Netflix’s Phone -Controlled Streaming Service

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Netflix to Launch Gaming Service on TV

Netflix has surprised us with its gaming service, and the streaming giant has now confirmed that it will launch over a hundred titles. It already has a dedicated section for games on its mobile app that includes all kinds of titles, but the service is not having the expected success due to the fact that you can only play from your mobile. However, Netflix is ​​already working on an update that will allow you to access its games section through your television.

Playing on TV with Mobile Phone as a Remote

Steve Mosser, an industry analyst and journalist specialized in everything related to Apple, discovered this new function in the source code of the Netflix app. The feature allows you to play its games through the TV using your mobile phone as a remote. According to Mosser, he found this feature in the iOS version of the app. From what they indicate, you can also play with your own game controller, making it an even more attractive feature.

Growing Catalogue of Games

Netflix launched its gaming platform at the end of 2021 with a total of 55 titles in its complete catalog. The streaming platform has set a goal to pass 100 games in 2023.

The Future of Gaming on Netflix

Opening the possibility of launching the Netflix games section from the app on your television is a smart and attractive feature. It will revolutionize the gaming experience and bring new opportunities for those dead moments when you don’t know what to do. The development of playing the games section of Netflix on the television is real, and it appears in the source code of the Netflix app for iOS. Although the date for its release is a mystery, Netflix subscribers will eagerly await its deployment.

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