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“Gara Arias and Pepe Barroso Jr.’s Creative Cake for their Son’s 1st Birthday Bash!”

Gara Arias and Pepe Barroso Jr. recently celebrated their son Marco’s first birthday in an adorable family gathering. The Canarian model took to her personal account to share a photo of the day of delivery and another of the family celebration they organized with their little one.

The image captured the proud parents holding Marco while he tries to blow out the candle on his cake. The cake was sky blue in color, full of golden stars, and had two cute little bears, clouds, and the number one in white. Their son was matching his cake, dressed in a blue and white outfit.

Since Marco was born, the models have been filled with joy and happiness. Gara has said that her son has made everything easy for them. He loves to investigate everything, and now he is crawling and standing up, making it challenging to follow him.

In a few weeks ago, Gara had told ¡HOLA! that motherhood was a big change and thought it would be difficult. However, it has been easygoing for her, and she finds it fascinating to see her son go through new changes every day.

Despite having to juggle between work and family, Gara and Pepe are enjoying every moment with Marco. The couple did not expect to be parents so young, but they are doing everything to make sure that their baby gets the best of everything.

When Gara isn’t around, Pepe takes care of their son, and when both are working, he stays with their family, who provides them tremendous help.

The family poses for the first time to mark the first year of their little one¡HOLA! covered the family gathering to celebrate Marco’s first birthday. It was a lovely family gathering, and the images captured the special bond between Gara, Pepe, and their little one.

The couple has created a beautiful family since they met a little over two years ago at the modeling agency where they both worked. Despite a hectic lifestyle, they are cherishing every moment and creating sweet memories that they can cherish forever.

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