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Gaten Matarazzo Teeth: What happened to his teeth?

Some characters are always known for their unique appearances in the whole series. Everyone who is a fan of good series must have watched Stranger Things. The ultimate series has gained very much popularity because of its unique content and dead-end storyline. Every character in the series has given full justice to their role. Irrespective of their characters, some have become popular outside the show because people are being crazy to know the real story behind their appearance. 

Gaten Matarazzo, who is well known as Dustin Handerson among the series fans, is one such entity in the whole series on which fans are crazy to see the story behind his teeth. What happened to his teeth, and what is his current status? There is a lot about him in the further segment.

What Happened To His Teeth?

Gaten has played the famous role of Dustin Henderson in the series The Stranger Things. The series became popular, and Gaten was bullied because of his toothless smile. Apparently, in the show’s first episode, he has a dialogue that states that he is suffering from a medical condition and his teeth are still coming. But is the statement true?

Well, in real life, he is suffering from a medical condition named cleidocranial dysplasia. The condition is a rare genetic condition in which the growth of the teeth and bones, especially collarbones, are affected drastically. The bones of the person suffering the condition are very weak compared to the other person. CCD is a rare disorder that only affects one in a million newborn babies. Generally, a person’s baby teeth fall after a certain age and permanently replace them. But in the CCD, this does not happen. 

He has gone through multiple surgeries to extract his teeth. He also wears wires on his teeth to pull the teeth down in a manual way. His condition will lead him to multiple surgeries again in the near future. Gaten stated that his real condition was discussed before filming the series. He said they were ready to use his real-life condition in the series and make people aware of it. They also take his permission before filming a scene of him getting bullied by other children in which he fully supports the creator and gives a big thumbs up because he said the condition is real and he is actually bullied a lot. 

Gaten was being praised for sharing his story with the people. He is the brand ambassador for the people who are suffering from CCD. He is supporting the group named CCD smiles which raises funds and awareness about the condition. A great battle is going on as the condition becomes more open, and the surgery for CCD comes under the cosmetic one. But this is a great absurd statement because teeth are a part of the body. Everyone needs teeth until their last breath. This is surely a medical condition, and insurance companies should also claim it under their terms.

What Happened After The Surgery?

Gaten is a fighter. In January 2002, he underwent his biggest four-hour surgery to find his lost tooth. He states in his Instagram post that he is trying to extract the already-growth tooth on his gums. Later, he revealed that the surgery was a success and that the medical team had exposed 14 supernumerary teeth. 14 was a big number for him. Among those 14 teeth, four were his adult teeth which must have been stuck in his gums, considering his age. 

There is no treatment for CCD medical conditions. Surgeries and dental management are the only way out of this loop. Large audience groups are unaware of this condition, due to which many children have been bullied repeatedly for such appearance. Gaten has done a lot of work for the communities and groups trying to give life to the children suffering from CCD. Because of the conflict, many insurance companies do not provide a claim for this surgical condition. He fought for the rights of those people. He stands on the stage alone and is never afraid to share his experience and the problems he has faced throughout his life.

About Gaten Matarazzo

Gaten was born on 8 September 2002 in America. He did his schooling at Pinelands Regional High School in Tuckerton. His parent’s name is heather Matarazoo and Gaten Matarazzo Sr. he has two siblings, Sabrina and Carmen. They both have acted in some television commercials. All the family was born to be the stars of the acting world. 

He got an acting career by chance. He went with his sister to an interview, and their manager asked him if he also wanted to be a part of this glamorous world. Because he has grown in this environment, he said yes and entered the popular web series and many more. When he was only ten years old, he appeared in the musicals Les Miserables and Priscilla. He really took the heart away with this beautiful and outstanding performance.

Gaten, from his early days, has been an excellent hard worker. He knows his art and respects it fully. He works six days a week and also manages to attend school. He has always been strict with the timing, and that’s why he has always got a soft spot in everyone’s heart. 

He is himself a great fan of science fiction. No doubt why he chose the stranger things and gave his best performance in the series. Despite suffering from such a disorder from birth, he never hindered his shortcomings in his ability to perform. His acting career has made him one of the most renowned faces in the industry. Now the whole world knows him as a guy from stranger things. 

From a very young age, he was well-known for his condition. He takes a stand and lets people know about this condition. He also supports many groups and generally makes people aware of CCD. His generosity and perseverance have taken him so far in his career. There is a long road for him to walk. 

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