GBoard will no longer copy texts with its new function

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Every mobile phone has a virtual keyboard. It is something very important that cannot be ignored since there is always something to write down on the screen of the device. But as the years have progressed, this type of software has evolved for the better to the point of streamlining the copy and paste processes. This can be seen perfectly in the GBoard, where you will now have an option to avoid automatic copying.

Goodbye to the GBoard copy function, if you want

The GBoard is one of the applications that many users enjoy on their mobile. It is not only because it is present as standard on Android devices, but because it is available in other stores you can download it. It promises to streamline many processes thanks to features such as the incorporation of emojis and stickers, its search engine to find them or to make suggestions on Google directly as well as take out your favorite GIFs.

But the most stands out is its copy function. This feature helps users to retrieve a recently saved text, email address or street name to paste elsewhere if needed. Furthermore, cWith its clipboard function you have several options to choose from, but you may find this feature a bit too big or even unnecessary.

But finally, Google brings a new feature so that when using the GBoard without this clipboard function. According to 9to5Google, in version 10.9 from the clipboard app you will get a new extra feature. This will be called Show items as addresses / phone numbers within recently copied text and will be an item with a switch. Therefore, and at last, It is up to you to choose whether or not this feature remains active when you copy an address or phone number.

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This also extends to the rest of the clipboard functions, where you can even eliminate the string of suggested copies to avoid having so many things placed on the keyboard.

More privacy and security

Having a simple on / off button makes a big difference to GBoard when it comes to security. And it may not be much, but this can help you to the security of your mobile. And is that with this feature activated, no one who gets hold of your mobile phone can access this data, which can be somewhat sensitive, such as addresses and other mobile numbers.


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