GeForce Now: Gaming at RTX 3080 level for 200 euros a year

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Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Now is now offering a more expensive option with more performance: The new subscription level is simply called “RTX 3080” and offers subscribers more powerful hardware than the priority subscription. That has its price: While the standard subscription costs 50 euros per six months, Nvidia charges twice as much for the more powerful level.

For half a year “RTX 3080” subscription you pay 100 euros accordingly. In addition to stronger servers, you also get a session duration of up to eight hours in contrast to the six hours of the priority subscription.

The increased performance of the more expensive option enables streams of 120 FPS with 1440p resolution on PCs and Macs. If you play on Nvidia’s Shield, you can stream 60 FPS at 4K resolution. The new subscription option has been available in the USA for a few weeks, and it can now also be ordered in Germany.

The “RTX 3080” subscription is played on specially configured servers. In fact, you don’t get an RTX 3080 for gaming, but a special GPU called A10G based on the GA102 chip. There are also Threadripper CPUs and 28 GB of RAM as well as a PCI SSD.

heise online tries GeForce Now with “Cyberpunk 2077”

Most recently, Nvidia had massively increased the prices of its cloud gaming service in the spring: Priority membership now costs 10 euros per month, after it was previously available for 5.50 euros. Existing customers can continue to use GeForce Now at the previous price.

Basically, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service can be used free of charge, but with poorer hardware, possible queues and a maximum session duration of one hour – so the free version is more suitable as a demo for the paid subscription levels. In contrast to other cloud services, GeForce Now lets you play games that you have already bought on Steam and Co. This works for games that support GeForce Now. Nvidia provides a list on its website.


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