General Fulgencio Coll: in Afghanistan “progressives and pacifists have helped little”

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The fall of Afghanistan back into the hands of the Taliban “is the symbol of the end of the utopia that maintained American and European hegemony after the Cold War,” according to retired General Fulgencio Coll, who was head of the Army between 2008 and 2012 and currently spokesperson for Vox in the Palma de Mallorca City Council.

Well aware of what is happening in Afghanistan and how the invasion of the country unfolded after 9/11, General Coll also considers that the end of the US presence in that country “signals the decline in aspirations to build order. of universal democracy ».

Fulgencio Coll has made these considerations on his Twitter account. In a second message, the retired general adds that “it is a tragedy that after 20 years of great sacrifices Afghanistan has been allowed to fall back into the hands of radical Islamists, who will impose their terror and brutality.” Two decades that have slipped away in a matter of weeks as the Taliban scramble through a war-torn country where they have met little resistance.

A situation in which there are many responsible, but in which General Coll points out the “pacifists and progressives” who “are now tearing their clothes” but who during all these years have “little helped in this attempt” to establish a democratic regime in Afghanistan. On the contrary, they have placed one stone after another in the way of the efforts of the United States and a good part of the international community.

As a military man, Coll concludes in a third message that “the decisive strategic factor has once again been time.”

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«The United States has gone through five legislatures in 20 years and the democratic system does not hold. Once again, as in Vietnam, the Americans were not defeated militarily, they were defeated by domestic politics, ”concludes the former head of the Army.

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