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'General Hospital' Star Alley Mills Reflects on Heather Webber's Redemption

‘General Hospital’ Star Alley Mills Reflects on Heather Webber’s Redemption
Alley Mills Disney/Ricky Middlesworth

General Hospital‘s Heather Webber has been an iconic character in Port Charles since the 70s. Her recent storyline as The Hook killer marked her darkest chapter yet. Heather, portrayed by Alley Mills, was revealed to be poisoned by her hip replacement, adding a complex twist to her murder convictions. This week, Heather’s fate has become a central focus on General Hospital, and Alley Mills opens up about her character to Woman’s World.

Known for her role as Mom on The Wonder Years, Alley Mills brought her talents to soap operas with her stint as Pam Douglas on The Bold and The Beautiful in 2006. Heather’s machinations on General Hospital earned Mills a 2023 Guest Performer Daytime Emmy win and a 2024 nomination. The actress reflects on whether Heather can escape her dire situation.
Alley Mills and Jon Lindstrom ABC/Christine Bartolucci

Since her introduction in 1976, Heather Webber has caused considerable chaos, including the infamous baby swap involving Jason, Drew, and Franco. When Alley Mills took over the role in 2022, Heather’s schemes took a darker turn. “Heather’s never been a very good girl,” Mills states, and this was evident in her actions.

Heather’s character had already committed murder and used poison before Mills joined the cast. In a surprising plot twist, it was revealed that Heather once had a secret romance with Ryan Chamberlain and a hidden daughter, Esme. With Esme’s arrival, Heather morphed into a villain similar to Ryan, using a poisoned hook to kill Brando, Britt, and other residents while in captivity.

“They were screwing with my Esme,” Mills exclaims in character. “It was like, ‘No! You don’t do that to my daughter. I’m gonna kill you!’ Heather had to kill people, and she didn’t think it was wrong.” Now that Heather’s poisoned hip replacement has been removed, her perspective has shifted, but her future remains uncertain.
Alley Mills, General Hospital ABC/Christopher Willard

Once Heather was unmasked as The Hook killer, she was once again removed from the story canvas and sent to prison. “They went as far as they could with Heather until they couldn’t anymore,” Mills remarks. Heather, consistently escaping from institutions, has never stayed down for long. “The writers need to exonerate her to bring her back,” Mills explains.

Despite Portia’s objections, many still see Heather’s return as inevitable. Her recent diagnosis might help redeem her without losing her distinctive charm.
Alley Mills, Betty White, Susan Flannery and John McCook Cliff Lipson/CBS Broadcasting

Mills debuted in daytime drama with The Bold and the Beautiful as the quirky Pam, sister to Stephanie Forrester. While Pam’s antics were hazardous back in 2008, brain surgery toned down her actions to more humorous pranks. “Pam is a little crazy…but not as crazy as Heather,” Mills notes, having managed both roles simultaneously.

“It’s very natural…and weird,” Mills describes of playing two vastly different characters. As a theater professional, bouncing between roles is second nature. “You just have to switch from one to the other,” she adds.
Brook Kerr, Alley Mills, General Hospital ABC/Christine Bartolucci

Currently, Mills finds joy in Heather’s unpredictable behavior. She even shares laughs over her character with co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. “He’s brilliant,” Mills praises him. Despite the initial humor, Mills aims to make Heather’s hip replacement arc believable.

She approaches Heather’s remorse with seriousness. “It’s a difficult role because I need to portray genuine regret,” she says. Contemplating Heather’s actions as The Hook killer, Mills seeks to integrate real emotion into her performance.

Mills values working alongside Genie Francis, who plays Laura, offering grounded moments in Heather’s redemption arc. “I just love her,” Mills shares, highlighting their chemistry.

Today’s episode promises key interactions between Heather and Laura, where Heather makes a surprising request. With Heather now level-headed post-surgery, seasoned viewers remain skeptical of her intentions. Laura sees Heather’s case as worth reevaluating, though Portia stands firm against giving Heather any leniency.

As electoral tensions build, Portia plans to oppose Heather’s potential return to Port Charles, highlighting her cobalt poisoning as a critical issue. The storyline remains dynamic, ensuring fans stay invested in Heather’s journey.

Source: Woman’s World