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General Hospital Star Joan Benedict Dies at 96

General Hospital Star Joan Benedict Dies at 96

Joan Benedict’s love life included two marriages to fellow actors. Benedict first met her second husband, Rod Steiger, at the age of 19. Their initial personal relationship didn’t blossom, despite working together. Her first marriage was to John Myhers, spanning from 1962 until his death in 1992. The couple had a daughter, Claudia Myhers Tschudin, who, along with her daughters Hanna and Ashley, survives Benedict and Myhers.

Years after Myhers’ passing, Steiger reconnected with Benedict. According to an interview with Women Fitness, someone mentioned her at a party, prompting Steiger to get in touch. Benedict and Steiger married in 2000 and remained together until Steiger’s death in 2002. They shared professional moments too, working on two films before Steiger’s passing.

Benedict also had a significant relationship with soap actor Jeremy Slate, known for “One Life to Live.” The couple was together until Slate’s death in 2006. Throughout her life, she cherished the memories of her three great loves. Reflecting on these relationships in her interview with Women Fitness, Benedict mentioned, “They all died from different forms of cancer, so my memories are sometimes bittersweet, but with no regrets.”

Source: Women Fitness