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'General Hospital' Star Kate Mansi Announces Engagement

‘General Hospital’ Star Kate Mansi Announces Engagement

General Hospital star Kate Mansi has some exciting news to share. She recently announced her engagement to producer Matt McInnis. The couple took to social media to reveal the happy news, with Kate showcasing a stunning ring. Here’s a closer look at how the engagement unfolded.

Both Kate and Matt made the announcement online. Kate posted an amusing picture of herself enjoying a sandwich, her new diamond ring prominently displayed. The image was shared on her Instagram Stories with the caption “LGM.” The phrase quickly sparked speculation, with many assuming it meant “Let’s Get Married.”

Kate later reposted the picture, noting the unexpected way the announcement was made. She clarified, “Never did I expect this to be the official photo of our announcement, but here we are. (And LGM = Let’s Go Mets. But… semantics).”

Kate Mansi and Matt McInnis - Instagram
Instagram/Matt McInnis

Kristen Vaganos, Kate’s General Hospital co-star, expressed her excitement in the comments, calling it, “The best news to ever hit the internet!!!!!”

Matt also shared his joy on Instagram. Referencing the holiday, he posted, “Apparently today is a holiday, but I think July 3rd was even better,” marking the date of his proposal.

Kate also shared her plans with Soap Opera Digest before the holiday weekend. She mentioned she was looking forward to a serene weekend in a cabin with close friends. Though she kept her word about the cabin getaway with Matt, the engagement added an extra layer of joy to the trip.

The relationship between Kate and Matt became serious last summer. The couple shared some memorable experiences, including an African safari and a trip to the East Coast to meet Matt’s family.

Kate Mansi and Matt McInnis - Instagram
Instagram/Kate Mansi

This engagement follows Kate’s previous marriage, which ended last year. In a heartfelt podcast episode with Maurice Benard on “State Of Mind,” she disclosed details about her divorce. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her initial wedding plans, leading to a legal marriage followed by a postponed ceremony.

Six weeks before the planned ceremony, her then-husband called off the wedding, experiencing what Kate referred to as a “crisis of conscience.” Despite efforts to reconcile, the couple eventually divorced. “I was broken,” Kate confessed. “It was brutal. I felt a lot of shame; I felt like I was a failure.”

Kate has now moved past that painful chapter and found happiness again with Matt McInnis. As they look forward to a bright future together, fans can rejoice in sharing their joy and excitement.

Source: TV Shows Ace, Soap Opera Digest