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'General Hospital's Kin Shriner Shares Post-Surgery Update'

‘General Hospital’s Kin Shriner Shares Post-Surgery Update’

General Hospital star Kin Shriner recently reached out to his fans for movie recommendations while providing updates about his health. On July 1, Shriner took to social media to share a light-hearted post about his latest surgery, assuring fans he’s doing well. But what exactly was Kin Shriner in the hospital for, and how might it affect his role on the cherished soap? Here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

Kin Shriner, known for his role on General Hospital, used his social media platform X on July 1 to announce he had undergone surgery. “This looks like General Hospital,” he humorously captioned his post. He further revealed that he was at Valley Presbyterian Hospital for another foot surgery. This isn’t the first time the GH actor has been open about his orthopedic procedures, and fans quickly chimed in with messages of support and well wishes.

One fan wished him a “quick and comfortable recovery,” while another expressed relief, acknowledging how at ease Shriner seemed in the hospital. His supporters left no stone unturned, showering him with positivity and encouragement.

Kin Shriner - Scott baldwin Youtube
Kin Shriner – Scott Baldwin YouTube

The following day, Shriner gave another update, this time from the comfort of his home. “Day 1 got Netflix, @tcm, maybe watch Scotty on @GeneralHospital. Today got a knee scooter not a Vespa but I can look at it!!!!” he wrote in the caption, accompanying it with a video of himself lounging on his couch. Fans saw him displaying his sense of humor as he exclaimed, “Thank God for TCM!” and shared that he had indulged in watching multiple Airport movies.

In another video update, Shriner assured fans that he would be back on his feet soon. “I’ll be watching movies for a while,” he said, but optimistically added, “a few weeks, I’ll be back in business.”

His followers applauded his recent performances on General Hospital. One fan particularly noted, “Movies have been so-so but today General Hospital was the most exciting stuff I’ve seen on TV in a long time with the Blaze storyline, and you were a part of it! Bravo!!”

Kin Shriner as Scotty - YouTube/General Hospital
YouTube/General Hospital

There may be a temporary absence of Shriner’s character, Scotty, from General Hospital in upcoming episodes. However, viewers can rest assured that he will return to the small screen soon, a reassurance particularly gratifying as Ava’s character might require Scotty’s legal expertise.

In the unfolding storyline on General Hospital, Sonny is threatening to take legal action against Ava for custody of their daughter, Avery. Ava will likely need a capable lawyer to navigate this thorny situation, and that’s where Scotty, played by Kin Shriner, comes into play. Fans have previously voiced their desire to see Ava and Scotty as a couple, and this developing plot could potentially serve as a gateway for that.

Though Kin Shriner is momentarily sidelined, his return is eagerly awaited by his fans and General Hospital enthusiasts alike. The support from his followers highlights how much he means to the community and the excitement for his swift return to the beloved soap opera.