Genshin Impact: all contents of version 2.3 events

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Genshin Impact reveals the main contents of Shadows of Nine and Dust. These version 2.3 events will mark a new thematic framework full of items to unlock. We tell you what will give of itself as of November 24, when it debuts on PS5, PS4, PC, and mobile devices.

Shadows of snow and dust at Genshin Impact

The five-star characters, such as Albedo, Eula and the weapons of the same value Juramento por la Libertad and Ode de los Pinos, will be available until next December 14 at 17:59 CET. In the case of the pair of weapons, another of value four will be added. We talked about Wine and Poetry (catalyst), Lion’s Roar (light sword), Great Sword of Sacrifice (greatsword) and Dragon’s Bane (spear). All of them will increase your chances of appearance. You will be able to use divine path to mark the way to the unlocking of the level five weapons.

Between November 25 and December 13 you can participate in the main event. “During the ‘Shadows of Snow and Dust’ event, you can participate in ‘Born of the Snow’ and complete various challenges in Dragonwing to obtain the Cinnabar Spindle weapon, and collect ‘Snowstreamer Badge’ and ‘Secret Badge’ to exchange in the Shop of the event for materials ”, reveals miHoYo on its official website.

A few days later, from December 7 to December 20 of the same month, Sango File will be held: the warrior dog, a chain of missions where you can obtain protogems, hero’s ingenuity, weapon ascension material and Mora coins. To join you must be at least Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the Archon quest ‘The Immutable Goddess and the Eternal Utopia’.

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Players will also have the long awaited battle pass. From the release of version 2.3 until January 3, 2022, you will be able to scale in both the Gnostic Battle Pass and the Hymn of the Pearl Battle Pass. For this you will have to have reached Adventure Rank 20.

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