Genshin Impact Announces New Events in The Alps; All the details

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Genshin Impact seems to be the protagonist of a fireproof phenomenon: miHoYo’s open-world action RPG is constantly evolving, often receiving content-laden updates and this time, the news is focused on a new web event for The Alps, the real environment in which part of the Spinadragón map is inspired. One of the main attractions of the new events is the possibility of visiting Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe (France); It has been recreated in the game and players can join together to get different rewards. PHate to join through the following link. Additionally, as part of the celebration, the game will be holding raffles on its official channels starting today.

Update 2.4: date and news

The title will release its version 2.4 next Wednesday, January 5. Among the novelties that it brings, the inclusion of two new characters: Shenhe (5 stars) and Yun Jin (4 stars). According to the official synopsis, the update will reveal “Enkanomiya, the remains of an underwater nation that has been sealed under Inazuma for thousands of years.” Is about a huge island floating under the ocean, in which the ancient civilization created the artificial sun Dainichi Mikoshi.

Genshin Impact: Complete Guide

The hit game miHoYo has millions of active players and is constantly evolving. As we know that it is not always easy to enter this type of proposal from scratch, at MeriStation we offer you our complete guide with tips for beginners, how to get materials, characters, weapons, strategies and much more.

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Genshin Impact stands available, free of charge (contains in-app purchases) on PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iOS devices.

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