Genshin Impact update 2.2: date, time, maintenance, rewards and more

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Following the arrival of the big Inazuma update, in Genshin Impact several minor versions keep landing to keep the title updated and with new thematic events. This time we meet here to talk about the new update 2.2 “The Labyrinth of Mist”, which will welcome back to Tartaglia in the main banner and it will bring other news that we leave you detailed below.

Update 2.2 date, time and rewards

  • It starts at 2021/10/13 06:00 (UTC + 8), with an approximate duration of 5 hours.

As compensation for the temporary fall of the servers due to the update the players we will receive 300 Protogemes and 60 more will be added for each hour of maintenance. In case of completing the update in a shorter time, the total amount of the compensation will not change. In order to access them, we will have to have reached Adventure Rank 5 or higher before having updated the game to this new version.

Content of the update 2.2 “The fog labyrinth”

New Inazuma Island: Tsurumi Island

  • Description: an island shrouded by mist and little frequented by people.
  • Unlocking requirements: Completed the world quest “Seirai’s Storm Hunter”.

New Character – Thoma, “the Protector of Outlands” (Pyro) (4)

  • Vision: Pyro
  • Weapon: spear
  • He is the keyholder of the Kamisato clan and a very active intermediary in Inazuma.

New Domain – Moshiri Refuge

  • A residence built somewhere in the sea of ​​fog. Nobody knows who built it, but it seems that now it is nothing more than the den of ferocious wolves.
  • Unlock Conditions: have reached Adventure Rank 40 or higher and meet the established conditions.
  • By completing the domain challenges, you can earn Protogems, Electro badges, and other rewards.
  • Location: Tsurumi Island.

New Equipment – Weapons

  • Winter Star (bow) 5 ★
  • King of Evil (Greatsword) 4 ★
  • Wave Cutter Fin (spear) 4 ★
  • Mouun’s Moon (bow) 4 ★

New events

Warrior’s Dominion Event: Enter to invite Xinyan, “The Incandescent Melody” (Pyro), to your team.

During the event, by completing the Onmyou Mystic Chamber, you will be able to obtain Ancient Tablets that you can exchange in the Event Shop for Protogems, Crowns of Wisdom, Character Upgrade Materials, Talent Upgrade Materials, Hero’s Ingenuity, Refinement Ores mystic and other rewards. If you meet all the requirements for Fiery Unison and consume a specified number of Ancient Tablets, you will be able to invite Xinyan, “the Incandescent Melody” (Pyro), to your team.

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New missions – encounters

  • Thoma: act I – “The daily chores of a housekeeper”
  • Sayu: act I – «Technique” Yujuuu! “: The art of growing»

New world missions

“A very picky author”, “Octave of the maushiro”, “The sea of ​​fog and the ritual of the trees”, “The passage of time and Mount Kanna”, “The saga of Mr. Forgetful” and “Thorough cleaning “, among other.

New enemies

  • Stalking Pup and Stalking Hound– A beast of demonic blood capable of corroding the borders of the world.

Other contents

1. New recipes: warmth, fish and radish stew, boiled bamboo shoots, watery berry cupcakes and soba noodles.

2. New achievements: “Chronicles of the Sea of ​​Fog”, “Wonders of the World” and “Memories of the Heart”.

3. New cards: “PB – Celestial General”, “Thoma – Burning Bracers” and “Inazuma – Eagle Feather”.

4. New interior world design: “Silk Patio”.

Unlocking Requirements:

  • Have reached level 40 or higher of grace of the Sacred Cherry.
  • Get “Silk Print”.

5. New types of furniture: “floating platform” and “floor decoration”.

6. Spiral of the Abyss:

The anomalous ley lines on the 11th floor were adjusted as follows:

  • Pyro Damage dealt by the character is increased by 60%.
  • Hydro Damage dealt by the character is increased by 60%.

Updated the enemy formation for floors 11 – 12 of the Abyss Spiral.

Starting from the first time the Blessing of the Nethermoon is updated after the 2.2 release, there will be 3 phases:

First phase:

Vanguard Moon

At the start of the challenge, when the character’s Elemental Energy is equal to or greater than 50%, the character’s ATK increases by 6.5% per second. Can be stacked up to 10 times. When that character’s Elemental Energy drops below 30%, all ATK gain gained this way will be reset.

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Second level:

Praised moon

At the start of the challenge, when the character’s Elemental Energy is at 100%, every second he receives a stack of praise up to a maximum of 10 stacks. When the character uses his Ultimate Ability, all stacks are reset and that character’s damage is increased for 10 seconds by 5% per stack. When the character is under the effect of increased damage, he cannot gain any more stacks of praise.

Third phase:

Splendorous moon

At the beginning of the challenge, when the Elemental Energy of the character in use is equal to or greater than 50%, he will continuously release a shock wave that deals damage to nearby enemies. When Elemental Energy is at 100%, the damage dealt by shockwaves is increased.

Tweaks and optimizations


  1. If the challenge is interrupted on commissioned missions, the remaining enemies will no longer drop Elemental Particles.
  2. Optimized the experience of the commission mission “Rules for a safe transport” of the territory of Inazuma and Life and Vel. Movement of the globe.
  3. Optimized the use of artifacts, talent level and other elements of the test characters in some legendary missions to better fit with the changes in world levels.


  1. The maximum capacity of the artifact inventory is increased from 1000 to 1500.
  2. Adjusted the order in which the results are displayed when making ten wishes of the gachapon. The following priority will be followed (from left to right): 5 ★ Characters → 5 ★ Weapons → 4 ★ Characters → 4 ★ Weapons → Unconverted Starburst → Converted Starburst → Normal Earning Order. (Originally was: 5 ★ characters → 4 ★ characters → 5 ★ weapons → 4 ★ weapons → Unconverted starburst → Converted starburst → usual order).
  3. Added the skip function when requesting 10 consecutive wishes of the gachapon.
  4. Added the ability to learn new design plans within the Kettle Relaxer when forging or using the crafting table.
  5. The controller mode and the location selection system in the expeditions interface have been optimized.
  6. To purchase the permanent “Beginner Supply Pack” and “Travel Supply Pack” packs you must have an Adventure Rank 25 or higher (Originally 1).
  7. Optimized the appearance of the Encounters interface. Finished encounters will be shown as completed within the Encounters interface. Added a notice within the interface in Encounters, Story summary: within an encounter, you can start playing from any point in the plot already completed. If a single device is used to conduct the Encounters, the previously chosen options will be saved. Optimized the time setting experience in the Paimon menu: after the update, you can set the time to skip during the day.
  8. Added some tips for the loading page.
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  1. Optimized the descriptions of level 4 of the constellation “Alquemania” of the character Sucrose, “the Harmless Sweetness” (Anemo) and of the passive talent “Neat and efficient” of Noelle, “the Unrecognized Heroine” (Geo). (Only the description has been changed, the effect itself has not changed.)
  • The original description of Sucrose’s “Alchemania” was: “For every 7 Normal and Sucrose Charged Attacks, the Wind Spirit Creation TOE: Experiment 6308 is reduced by between 1 and 7 seconds”.
  • The current description is: “For every 7 consecutive times Sucrose hits an enemy with his Normal or Charged Attacks, the Wind Spirit Creation TOE: Experiment 6308 is reduced by between 1 and 7 seconds. At most, each hit can only be occur once every 0.1 s. “.
  • Noelle’s original description of “Pure and Efficient” was: “When Noelle deals damage to enemies with Normal or Charged Attacks, Heart Guardian’s ToE will be lowered by 1 second every 4 hits. Dealing damage to multiple enemies at the same time is consider a single attack move. “
  • The current description is: “For every 4 consecutive times Noelle hits an enemy with her Normal or Charged Attacks, Heart Guardian’s ToE is reduced by 1 sec. At most, each hit can only occur once every 0.1 sec.” .


  1. Optimized background music switching in some regions.
  2. Optimized some audios for characters and missions.
  3. The time for voice activation when the character opens a chest has been reduced.
  4. Adjusted voice activation when opening Sayu’s glider, “Ninja Badger” (Anemo).

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