Genshin Impact version 1.6 Summer, islands and adventures !: Date, trailer and news

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Genshin Impact version 1.6 Summer, islands and adventures !: Date, trailer and news

miHoYo continues to keep Genshin Impact active week after week. This May we were able to enjoy new events, characters and more in the title and now is the time when the version 1.6. We left behind a complete version 1.5 to receive the new great update of the title, which we can install and enjoy from the next June 9. Alternative costumes, a new character, archon missions, and even the promise of a series of summer island adventures. You can tell that summer is coming and it is also like that for Genshin Impact. We also remember that the version of the game for PS5 is already available.

All about the new version 1.6 of Genshin Impact

  • Arrive the skins alternativas to the game: specifically, the first to land on Genshin Impact will be two summer outfits for Jean and Barbara.
  • The Adventure Season event focuses on the territory of the Summer Island, a new area to explore for a limited time (at least that we know about, for now).
  • Inazuma’s First Playable Character – Kazuha: the new and long-awaited great area of ​​the game.
  • New Archon Mission with clues on how to get to Inazuma: It seems that for now the access to this area will not arrive, but without a doubt the clues that version 1.6 leaves us suggest that very soon we will be able to walk through that exciting city.
  • More Inazuma Concept Arts: something that reinforces the idea mentioned above.

Everything points to this Genshin Impact version 1.6 It will serve as a prelude to prepare the ground for Inazuma’s arrival. We remember that in the Teyvat region we can already visit Mondstadt y Liyue, but they will be up to seven nations that from miHoYo they pointed out that they would end up being added to the title as the months passed and the updates were arriving. Will it be next time, with patch 1.7, when Inazuma will arrive? Only time will tell.


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