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George and Amal Clooney to Leave $8.3M French Chateau, Report Says

George and Amal Clooney to Leave $8.3M French Chateau, Report Says

With an eye-watering fortune of $570 million, it’s not surprising that George and Amal Clooney have multiple properties in their impressive portfolio.

The couple, who wed in September 2014, have homes in the States, the UK, and Lake Como in Italy. In 2021, they purchased a breathtaking 18th-century château on a 425-acre wine estate in Provence.

However, George, 63, and Amal, 46, who are parents to seven-year-old twins Alexander and Ella, could be set to wave goodbye to their stunning home in Brignoles in light of the A-list actor’s next major project.

George and Amal Clooney adore Europe
George and Amal Clooney adore Europe

According to a report by French magazine Closer, the Clooneys could be set to leave behind their gorgeous Brignoles bolthole, albeit temporarily, for a stint in New York next year.

George will make his debut on Broadway in the theatrical adaptation of his 2005 film Good Night and Good Luck in the spring of 2025. The report indicates that his work in the Big Apple means they will leave their chateau in favor of an apartment in New York City and a new school for the children.

However, it’s unlikely that the move will be permanent since it’s no secret that George and Amal adore French culture and countryside living. It’s more likely the pair will keep hold of their home and visit from time to time, perhaps during breaks from George’s theatre run, and return once his stint on Broadway ends.

The Clooneys pictured with Brignoles' mayor, Didier Brémond
The Clooneys pictured with Brignoles’ mayor, Didier Brémond

Since purchasing their Brignoles property in 2021, the family has more than settled in, with the French magazine In Touch reporting how George and Amal love the idea of raising their kids predominantly in France. The lifestyle of the town offers them plenty of privacy and quiet living, perfect for the pair who prefer a more down-to-earth lifestyle than the hustle and bustle of grand cities.

George even revealed how his two children can speak French. Paris Match also stated that George planted 172 hectares of olive trees around his home after concerns about a lack of fencing. His priority is to maintain a “peaceful life” for his family, and the picturesque commune in the Var department is the perfect place for it.

The Clooneys live in Brignoles
The Clooneys live in Brignoles

The château itself is nothing short of tremendous. Named Domaine Le Canadel, George and Amal snapped up the property for a cool $8.3 million in August 2021, though it wasn’t reported until much later that the family had been living there thanks to the level of privacy it affords them.

Aerial shots of the estate show how fantastic it is. There are generously sized lawns, a full-size pool, a tennis court, a lake, and an olive grove – not to mention the vineyard which is 25 acres alone. The main house is grand with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and reception rooms, plus an outhouse and garages for their vehicles.

The Clooney’s idyllic French estate is just a 25-minute drive from Chateau Miraval, formerly co-owned by George’s close friend and fellow actor Brad Pitt, and ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

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