George Mawle, one of the main responsible for making God of War’s Leviathan Ax a reality

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The entertainment industry has reason to mourn. Throughout the morning of today, September 2, 2021, we have reported the death of the actors Michael K. Williams and Jean-Paul Belmondo. However, the bad news does not end there. George Mawle, a former developer at Santa Monica Studio, has passed away. The causes of death are unknown. Your old partner, Mihir Sheth, has shared a thread on Twitter in which he communicates the news.

<b>God of War – 2 years, 4 months</b></p>
<p> Latest: God of War (April 2018)</p>
<p> A God of War sequel has not yet been confirmed, but it’s hard to imagine Sony’s Santa Monica Studio isn’t working on the series’ next entry. The 2018 reboot was a massive critical and commercial success; it holds a 94 on Metacritic and has sold over 10 million copies as of May 2019.” class=”image screenshot” itemprop=”contentUrl” src=””/></figure>
<p>George Mawle was one of the developers of God of War (2018), specifically<strong> one of those primarily responsible for bringing Kratos’ Leviathan Ax and Chaos Blades to life</strong>.  His role spanned many more functions.</p>
<p>Mawle was originally from the UK and spent 7 years of his life working at the Santa Monica Studio, including God of War (2018).  According to Sheth, it was a <strong>key figure to create Kratos’ weapons</strong>, combat, RPG system and much more.  In addition, he also worked at Radical Entertainment and on video games such as Prototype.  Below you can read the words of Mihir Sheth on Twitter.</p><div class='code-block code-block-10' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Like many others throughout his 20+ year career in game development, I sat next to or near George every day for over five years, working with him through thick and thin, and The shocking news has affected me a lot. He left Sony Santa Monica many months ago, but his voice and his jovial, very English spirit had filled the studio since joining in late 2013. During his time with us, he won the hearts of the design team by sharing his passion for ” the new “and improving what was possible.

And SMS [Santa Monica Studio] worked on Kratos’ weapons, navigation, RPG systems, combat AI behavior, scripting system enhancements to empower designers, and MUCH more. He was a veteran of the team who played a very important role in closing the game and solving the errors.

There is much more I can say, as I am sure is the case with many other people that you have worked with. I would like others to share it in the comments. Games are made by people, and we’ve all lost a great person on Thursday. We will miss you, great.

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