George RR Martin began to “worry” about Game of Thrones after its season 5

George RR Martin began to "worry" about Game of Thrones after its season 5

What doubt is there Game of Thrones was perhaps too hasty with the conclusion of his television story based on the novels of Song of ice and fire from George R.R. Martin, with a final stretch of the series highly criticized by fans. Either because of the intention of its creators to change of scene or because the television plot surpassed the books, betting on a totally original outcome. Be that as it may, it seems that George RR Martin felt disappointed by the course of the series, especially after the season 5, at which point the writer began to “worry.”

The series moved away from the writer’s roadmap

So pick up the book Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers recently published, a compendium of interviews with people related to the Game of Thrones series and the chain itself. And it is that the series reached the rhythm of the novels in season 5 and was forced to continue with its own plot with an ending from which George RR Martin completely ignores.

So much so, that George RR Martin was disappointed and frustrated when the series began to go its own way; the author felt that his roadmap to get on with the story was not being followed. “George loves Dan and Dave, but after season 5 he started to worry about the path they were taking, because George knows where the story is going. He started to say, ‘You are not following my roadmap.’ The first five seasons stayed true to George’s roadmap. Then they went off George’s roadmap, ”says Martin’s rep.

All this while maintaining the respect and admiration for the showrunners and creators of the series David Benioff and D.B. Weiss by George R.R. Martin. At the moment, the outcome of the original novels remains a mystery.

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