Georgina Rodríguez’s secret stress-relief weapon: Burning 500 calories with this fun sport

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Trying different sports is the key to finding out which one best suits you, something Georgina Rodríguez knows very well. Finding out what you like is essential to maintain motivation and the protagonist of the famous Netflix reality show is clear that dancing is her thing.

Dancing as Georgina’s Passion

Ballet was part of her childhood and now she does not hesitate to join other types of dance as well: if a few days ago she surprised people with a twerking class, this time she has signed up for another discipline that is triumphant in our country and with which she burns a good amount of calories.

Bachata as Georgina’s Latest Pursuit

Georgina Rodríguez posing in a bikini- Georgina Rodríguez surprises by posing as we have never seen her before. It was bachata that has aroused the interest of Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, who has just started her career with this dance.

Georgina, who spends time both in Saudi Arabia with the soccer player and her children, and in Madrid, is now in our capital, from where she is giving private classes with a teacher. “She has an incredible dance base and a great desire to learn, this can only bring good results,” said Marley, an instructor at the Evolution Dance School. “I am very happy with her evolution in just 3 classes that we have given.”

A Stellar Student

Dressed in sportswear and high-heeled sandals, the businesswoman followed the movements of her instructor under a theme by Romeo Santos, showing that she is a most outstanding student. And it is that having danced classical dance for so many years, he has managed to build a solid base that helps him to try other styles.

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Mental and Physical Benefits

The benefits of dancing bachata “Dancing is one of the best exercises to include in a weight loss plan, not only because it helps burn calories and strengthen the muscular system”, explained Gloria Morales from the Ballet Fit school. “It also provides mental and emotional benefits, so it’s easier to maintain motivation and discipline.”

Experts also agree on the mental benefits it offers, including , highlight its ability to relieve stress, something especially advantageous in weight loss plans since it reduces the cortisol we produce. “When people have a very high cortisol level, they tend to eat more,” Gloria reminded us.

In addition to being one of the most popular dances, bachata can also be an ideal way to exercise while having a good time, since it is estimated that in a one-hour class you can burn up to 500 calories. Almost the same as in half an hour of spinning!

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