“Gerard Piqué’s Romantic Photo with Clara Chía Goes Viral: See the Stir It Has Created!”

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Gerard Piqué Shares Affectionate Photo with Clara Chía

Amid the controversy surrounding Shakira’s new video, “Acrostic,” which featured her children, Gerard Piqué has taken a different route. He decided to share an intimate photo of himself with his girlfriend, Clara Chía, on his social media platform. This is not the first time he has done this, as he did the same during the 53rd session of Bizarrap, where he posted his first selfie.

The picture shows the couple in a relaxed and cheerful mood, with an orange heart being the only caption. However, the fans of the duo were quick to react, flooding the comments section with all sorts of messages.

What the Fans Had to Say

Unfortunately, not all comments were positive. Piqué received a lot of backlash for posting a romantic picture during such a critical moment. Some fans accused him of only posting photos with Chía when Shakira released a new song.

Others commented on the fact that Piqué looked haggard while Chía looked scared in the photo. The phrase “The one who makes it laughing, pays it crying” was a popular sentiment among the comments.

There were even those who urged Piqué to be more sensitive, writing “Shame on you to publish it” and pointing out that happiness cannot be built on pain.

Final Thoughts

It is not uncommon for celebrities to receive backlash from their fans. However, it is essential to note that Piqué and Chía’s relationship is their private affair, and they reserve the right to share it as they please.

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While it may seem insensitive to post such an intimate picture during a contentious moment, we should not judge them without understanding their side of the story.

In conclusion, Gerard Piqué’s choice to share his affectionate moment with Clara Chía has drawn a mixed reaction from the fans. However, it is up to the couple to decide what they want to share with the public.

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