German NGO: More than 800 million people suffer from hunger

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The German charity Welthungerhilfe warned on Tuesday (12.07.2022) that a large number of countries stop exporting food, exacerbating the global hunger crisis. Some 811 million people suffer from hunger in the world, according to that NGO.

“More and more countries say: we are not going to let out more [alimentos]. That causes shortages, drives up prices, and is very, very bad for the poorest in this world,” the organization’s director, Mathias Mogge, told German public broadcaster ZDF.

He said the world must ensure that markets or food trade remain open. Welthungerhilfe today presents its annual report, giving its views on the effect of the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, and forced migration on hunger around the world.

According to the organization, the food situation in developing and emerging countries has “dramatically deteriorated” in recent months.

“The big drivers of hunger are conflict and climate change,” Mogge told ZDF.

Welthungerhilfe spent a total of 260 million euros ($260 million) on projects last year, half of which went to humanitarian aid and the other half to long-term initiatives, it explained.

“For many years there have been continuous improvements in the fight against hunger, but since 2014 the trend has been reversed: multiple crises are causing the number of hungry people to continue to rise,” says Welthungerhilfe’s annual report presented in Berlin.

Rising food prices are exacerbating food insecurity: by 2021, food prices around the world had already increased by 28% in some cases.

The situation is especially dramatic in Yemen, Afghanistan, and South Sudan, but also in Madagascar and the countries of East Africa, where the effects of the climate crisis are causing serious droughts. These are “a wake-up call to finally step up efforts to combat climate change, which is leading to increasingly serious humanitarian emergencies,” the annual report says.

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