Germany donates 118 million coronavirus vaccines

By: MRT Desk

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Germany donated more than 118 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to 45 recipient countries, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health announced on Monday (07.18.2022) in Berlin. Another five million doses are in the delivery phase, the spokeswoman added.

“The problem is, however, that the global supply of vaccines currently far outstrips the demand,” he said. International initiatives, such as the Global Access Fund for Covid-19 Vaccines (COVAX), currently lack demand, she added.

The spokeswoman also referred to the reports regarding the almost four million doses of the vaccine from the manufacturer Moderna that expired in Germany between December 2021 and the end of June 2022. She assured me that they will be disposed of properly and announced that in the coming month Vaccines will continue to expire.

He added that this is a logical consequence since in Germany different vaccine options are offered when it comes to inoculating against the coronavirus. The ministerial spokesperson added that both laboratories and the European Union (EU) are continuously working on extending the shelf life of vaccines.

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