Germany introduces measures to boost the expansion of renewable energies

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The German government will introduce further measures to promote the expansion of renewable energy, including a new tender for solar power and improved regulations for biogas plants, a draft law showed on Tuesday. , while Berlin looks for alternatives to Russian gas.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Germany’s attempt to reduce imports of Russian fossil fuels, the government has made efforts to accelerate its transition to green energy.

In July, Parliament backed a law to expand renewable energy, with the goal that 80% of the country’s electricity is supplied by renewables by 2030, but the new bill aims to fill the gaps in that bill and other energy regulations.

The government plans to launch an additional “special crisis” tender for 1,500 megawatts of solar production in January 2023 and remove production limits for smaller solar plants, according to the project.

In addition, Berlin will create better financing regulations for the use of biogas plants until 2024 and introduce laws to accelerate the expansion and strengthening of the capacity and efficiency of the electricity grid in Europe’s largest economy.

The project amends the Energy Industry Law to improve the use of the external network lines in the short and medium term.

“This is absolutely essential for security of supply in the coming winters and is also necessary beyond,” the bill says.

The Government also plans to amend the gas rate bill, which will come into effect from October 1, to apply to all gas consumers, including those with fixed-price contracts, and to ensure that only companies that need it benefit from it.

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