Germany to return ancient Mayan objects to Mexico and Guatemala

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Germany will return to Mexico and Guatemala several objects of historical value belonging to the Mayan civilization. The antique pieces will be delivered by Reiner Haseloff, the Prime Minister of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, to the ambassadors of the respective countries, they report local media.

The objects in question were found by German police late last year in the home of a man, who claimed to have purchased them in 2003 at a flea market in Leipzig for less than 100 euros (about $ 116). Their previous owner assured that he did not know where they came from and investigators suspect that they had been robbed by grave robbers.

The state authorities of Saxony-Anhalt assured that the authenticity of the objects was confirmed by an expert, as well as their provenance, concluding that 11 of the pieces found belong to the territory that Guatemala occupies today, while two other pieces belong to the old Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacán, one of the most important of the pre-Columbian era, located 40 kilometers from present-day Mexico City.

The series of objects, consisting of figures, plates and cups dating from between 250 and 850 AD. C, will be received by Jorge Lemcke, Ambassador of Guatemala, and Francisco Quiroga, Ambassador of Mexico.

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