Get a serious skin infection after using a friend’s razor

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A young man from Los Angeles (California, USA) mistakenly used a friend’s razor and suffered a severe skin infection from antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The incident occurred earlier in the year when Nick accidentally took his roommate’s razor before leaving for work. A few days later, he began to feel unwell and a series of “spider bite” rashes appeared on his chin.

“I developed deep sores and pustules on my chin and along my jaw line”, explained the young man, according to the media . In addition, he suffered a “really bad upper respiratory infection.”

Scared, Holterman went to the doctor and he prescribed antibiotics to ease the infection. As the days went by and seeing that the wounds did not heal, he returned to the doctor and underwent a series of examinations.

The results indicated that he suffered from impetigo, a highly contagious skin disease caused by streptococci or staphylococci (known as “meat-eating” bacteria) resistant to traditional antibiotics.

“I felt like I was going to vomit constantly for a week because my body’s natural bacteria and intestinal flora were being devastated by three different antibiotics.”said the American, whose story went viral.

Days after the doctor prescribed a stronger antibiotic, Nick began to improve. Thanks to Bactrim, a drug consisting of two antibiotics in combination, he was able to overcome the infection.

“I just want to remind everyone not to share razors or use other people’s razors. They can contract a carnivorous bacteria resistant to antibiotics, which is extremely painful and drains all the time. “added.

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