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Cannes 2023: Monster, by Hirokazu Koreeda, Already Has First Reviews

Hirokazu Koreeda is a director known for his ability to take well-worn subjects and transform them into whole new conversations. His works are highly respected in Asia and have gained international recognition in recent years. After the success of A Family Affair and Broker, the director returns to Cannes with his latest film, Monster, which has already caused a great impact among audiences and critics alike.

Asian cinema has always been highly respected in the United States, and Koreeda’s works work well because of the universality of their treatment, never neglecting the social and geographical context. In Monster, the director tells the story of a single mother who begins to notice strange changes in her son after coming back from school. The film challenges the intricacy and complexity of family drama about bullying, homophobia, family dysfunction, uncritical respect for flawed authority, and social media gossip.

Koreeda employs the Rashomon style to flesh out the details with sequences dedicated to multiple characters’ versions of events, creating a gray area of truth wrapped in secrets and lies. With a fragmented exploration of bullying, stigma, peer pressure, and homophobia, the film is a poignant depiction of the solace of friendship, worth watching despite its frustrating nature.

Monster is a film that explores misunderstood children at the mercy of a reactionary adult world. It might seem repetitive, but Koreeda finds new ways to explore these characters in familiar circumstances that are overused by less novel or quirky creators.

In conclusion, Koreeda’s Monster has gained early praise at Cannes 2023 for its in-depth exploration of complex family dynamics. Its universality makes it a relatable film that resonates with audiences worldwide. With his unique directorial style, Koreeda proves once again that he is one of the most interesting creators in the film industry today.

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