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The Best-Selling Beach Chair on Sale Has Arm Holes

The best-selling beach chair on sale has arm holes. (Photo: Getty)

Pull out all the books you haven’t read yet and pick up your favorite shows on Netflix because there’s one item so perfect for beach reads and TV-binges that you’ll have no choice but to sit back and relax.

Amazon’s popular beach chair, on sale starting at $51 from the original $68, is amazingly comfortable in all positions. It even has room for your face! That’s right, this lightweight and folding beach chair includes a unique detail that sets it apart from the rest, taking it to the next level: a hole to insert your head when you rest upside down. The red Ostrich beach chair. (Photo: Amazon) US$41 US$68 at Amazon

With holes to insert your arms and another padded hole for your face, you won’t have to put your book away when you roll over on the beach! Remember those awkward movements you make when you want to lay face down? They could be a thing of the past. In a rigid beach chair, finding the right position may seem like an impossible mission, but the Ostrich beach chair has been specially designed to meet all our needs while we rest. It has three different positions and also remains completely flat. In addition, the pillow located on top is removable.

The space for the face is similar to that of a massage table. A soft cushion supports both sides of your head and thanks to the hole you can look straight down to read or watch your favorite shows. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the bright sun rays making it hard to read or see as the chair provides shade. Built-in armholes make it easy to read, write, sleep or sunbathe. However, that unique design doesn’t compromise functionality. In fact, the polyester chair perfectly supports up to 113 kilos of weight and its robust aluminum legs prevent rust and can last for a long time. On your back or face down, you don’t have to leave that page. (Photo: Amazon)

Among the many rave reviews, buyers have highlighted the ease with which it is set up, taken apart, and generally used. “This beach chair is amazing, just what I wanted!” praised one person in a five-star review. “It is very comfortable to have a hole to put your head in while sunbathing lying on your stomach! It’s great that you can read too. Your arms better not hurt from leaving them dangling on either side of the other chairs (an undeniable problem…) I wish I could take it to Mexico!”

“I am obsessed with this beach chair!” another shopper wrote, enthusiastic. “It is very easy to adjust at any angle. It’s great for lounging on your stomach! I relax and watch movies on the tablet when I’m upside down and the padded piece that covers the head hole when you’re on your back provides excellent shade when upside down. It’s super easy to set up. Super easy to take apart and store!”

“This beach chair is comfortable and sturdy, folds up easily and is cool, which means it’s breathable,” wrote one delighted tourist: “My head fits perfectly in the hole and the Padding on both sides allow you to comfortably rest your forehead. Arm holes are great for texting or reading. It’s the best beach chair I’ve ever owned, and I’ve used a lot. I highly recommend it!”

Get ready to enjoy a beach chair that is a real genius. It has a face hole so you can read comfortably while sunbathing! US$51 US$67 at Amazon

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