Getafe Elementary School students receive sexual guides whose authors acknowledge that they are not for children

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Getafe Elementary School students receive sexual guides whose authors acknowledge that they are not for children

The authors of the controversial sex guides “Gender Rebels” distributed by the Socialist City Council of Getafe among schools and institutes of the municipality recognize that they are not made for children.

These guides came to the fore last month when OKDIARIO echoed the plenary session of the Getafe City Council in which the mayor, Sara hernandez (PSOE), assured that it had been set as one of its Government objectives that “All the boys and girls” in Getafe “have satisfactory sexual relations.”

The City Council has distributed the controversial guides in 25 primary schools in Getafe, with students between 6 and 11 years old, and Secondary, where students from 12 to 15 years old study.

However, the authors themselves have stated that the content of these guides, where topics such as sex, porn, female masturbation, the clitoris or the different types of masculinities are addressed, is not suitable for children, but is intended for youth and high school students.

This was stated in an interview with The sixth both authors, Eva de la Peña Y Begoña Pérez Fumero. The first recognized that “it is a guide made for Secondary Education”, while the second indicated that “it is not for children, it is for young people.”

However, the socialist mayor has defended at all times that the Getafe City Council works to achieve a “healthy and egalitarian sexual education for boys, girls and adolescents »of the municipality.

Hernández has tried to evade his responsibility on several occasions by ensuring that the material is not distributed directly to the minors but to the teaching teams. According to the mayor, it is the teachers who decide whether or not they want to use this material in their classes, but the truth is that the sending of the guides was accompanied by a letter, to which OKDIARIO has had access, in which urged teachers to use it.

“If we want to achieve a just and feminist society, we know that education is the great foundation. The objective of this collection is that from the childhood and youth Let us learn to decide on our bodies, to love without fear, to live without violence and to make other masculinities visible ”, reads the letter.

For this reason, the Municipal Group Vox has urged the Government of Hernández to «request the return of the guides ‘Gender Rebels’ from the primary schools where they have been sent ”and to ask for the appropriate apologies
management teams and neighborhood associations.

In addition, the Vox group, in a proposal to which this newspaper has had access, asks the Socialist Council for a “firm and responsible commitment
to guarantee an education and childhood free from indoctrination in the
scope of its powers “and urges” to transfer the agreements to the Getafe Neighborhood Associations in order to disseminate the withdrawal of the guides as widely as possible. “

The deputy spokesperson of the Municipal Group Vox in Getafe, Ignacio Díaz Lanza, ensures that your group has received numerous phone calls and
emails, family members and teachers, expressing their
concern about this matter.

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