Getting Better in Your Assignment Writing

By: Will Wood

Published on:

The key to getting better at anything, of course, is practice, but practicing your assignment writing isn’t always as straightforward as practicing your googly or cheese omelet flip. You could write and re-write various assignments over and over again, honing your skills and likely driving yourself mad in the process, or you could just use a few of these much less arduous tips from experts at EssayWritingHelp.Pro for improving your assignment writing.

Practice some specifics

Naturally, the first suggestion is to practice, but rather than writing and revising past assignments, just work on the bits of essays, as an introduction or title. Working to improve your introduction skills, for example, will also help with your essay writing in general, and it’s much less intimidating to focus on bettering your writing in just one area at a time. Once you’ve perfected your introductions, work your way through a typical essay through to the wrap-up.

Make it Manageable

Rather than spend an entire three-hour weekly study window doing nothing but writing and revising, though, break your writing exercise into much more manageable and less daunting daily jot sessions of 15 or 20 minutes. Or, practice your essay skills every other day, and do some other form of writing – journaling, poetry, that young adult novel you’ve been working on since grade 10 – on the other days. The key is to just keep writing, and it doesn’t matter much what, exactly, you’re writing.

Read More

Reading will also help improve your assignment writing skills. How? It will increase your vocabulary, make you much more aware of proper grammar, and will generally broaden your horizons. When it’s time to dive into your next assignment, you’ll have a wider knowledge base to draw from, and some new perspectives to share. Like the daily writing schedule, try to set aside 20 minutes to an hour a day to read for pleasure. Textbooks? They don’t count.

Improve Your Writing Style

The best writing tips can improve your writing style. First of all, make sure that you read a lot. This will improve your skills and keep you motivated. Reading books will improve your grammar and spelling. The next step in improving your writing style is to learn the proper words for the subject. Here are some tips to help you create effective and engaging written material. Use correct punctuation. Clichés are boring. Although they do exist in good writing, try to avoid using them. This will help you see any awkward sentences.

Listen to yourself when you write. If you are writing on your computer, try reading out loud. Using the software’s zoom feature will let you enlarge the font so you can read your writing. Also if your paper needs many improvements, you can always use a custom paper writing service and professional writers will help you to finish your tasks. And finally, read it out loud for your audience. You’ll be more likely to make changes to your writing after listening to it aloud.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Rushing can also lead to sloppy assignment writing, so train yourself not to procrastinate when you’ve been assigned a new essay. Take your time, and make sure you’re writing in an environment free of distractions, like mobile phones, a loud TV, or annoying dorm-mates chewing crisps far louder than you ever thought possible.

Don’t Forget to Edit

Once you’re in the creative groove, writing happily away, the words flowing from your fingertips, don’t stop editing your work until you’ve reached the end of your inspiration. Save the editing until your writing is complete. If possible, write in the evening, then revise in the morning, or write in the morning and edit in the evening; at any rate, try to leave plenty of time between the writing and editing phase to make sure you’ve processed what you’ve written, and are finished before you start revising. There’s nothing worse than interrupting your glorious, freely-flowing writing to fix a typo, then not being able to get back into that groove. Well, maybe that crisps-chomping roommate is worse, but not by much.