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GH Spoilers for 7/5/24: Dante Issues a Warning to Sonny!

Feelings are running hot in today’s General Hospital spoilers! Maxie and Brook Lynn put their heads together, Jordan offers Drew some advice, Dex and Josslyn reconnect, Curtis makes a promise, Kristina gives Natalia a piece of her mind, and Dante tries to keep Sonny from making a terrible mistake!

Still trying to do damage control after The Invader published Natalia’s homophobic comments and blew up Blaze’s career, Maxie sits down with Brook Lynn to strategize. “Can’t take that back,” Maxie sighs, “even if she wanted to.”

Catching some rays at the Metro Court pool, Drew shares the latest with Jordan and she thinks he should seize the opportunity being presented to him. “This could be a unique opportunity for the both of you,” she suggests.

Could Jordan be talking about Drew and Curtis? Because Curtis is eager to take control. “I’m gonna do everything in my power to make it happen,” he declares.
Will Natalia be able to make things right with Alison and Kristina?

Now that they’re on more solid ground, it looks like Dex and Josslyn are continuing to rebuild their relationship. “Couldn’t be further from the truth,” she informs him.

Natalia wants to apologize to Blaze for the hurtful things she said but first, she’ll have to get through Kristina! “I have never been more serious about anything in my entire life!” she shouts at Natalia.

Sonny is determined to bring Ava down, but Dante worries that if he does so, he’ll only make things worse for himself. “You go after Ava,” Dante warns his father, “you lose Avery.” Is there a way for Sonny to destroy Ava without losing custody of their daughter?

Check out this tease for today’s Friday cliffhanger GH!

Source: Soaps In Depth