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GH Star Kate Mansi Engaged to Matt McInnis!

GH Star Kate Mansi Engaged to Matt McInnis!

Please join us in congratulating Kate Mansi, known for her role as Kristina on General Hospital, on her engagement to Matt McInnis! The actress hinted at the happy news on Instagram with a photo featuring a prominent diamond ring on her left hand. A website noticed and speculated that her caption “LGM” meant “Let’s Get Married.” However, Mansi clarified it humorously as “Let’s Go Mets,” noting the semantics of the situation.

Following the initial excitement, Mansi shared a delightful selfie with her fiancé, highlighting her engagement ring. The photo simply bore the caption 7/3/24, marking their special engagement date. McInnis also joined in, posting a heartfelt picture of the two embracing and celebrating their love on his Instagram. He remarked, “Apparently today is a holiday, but I think July 3rd was even better.”

Adding to the joyous occasion, Mansi’s Instagram post included a touching close-up of her engagement ring against a page with an emotional message. The message expressed deep gratitude for McInnis, praising his ability to bring joy and energy into her life. She highlighted their shared adventures and the profound ways he makes her feel loved and cherished.

Matt McInnis is a film and television producer with an impressive portfolio, having worked on Marvel series like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Helstrom, as well as the fantasy series The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Fans and friends quickly filled the comments on Mansi’s Instagram with love and congratulations. Many co-stars from General Hospital and Days of Our Lives expressed their joy. Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis on General Hospital, proudly commented, “Mama knew and didn’t blab. I am busting with love for the two of you. A match divinely orchestrated. Perfection.” Kristian Alfonso, known for her role as Hope on Days of Our Lives, also chimed in, saying, “Oh Honey! Many congratulations, Bluebird, to you and your love!”

Kate Mansi’s engagement announcement has certainly delighted her fans and peers, who eagerly celebrate this new chapter in her life. Sharing intimate glimpses of their relationship, Mansi and McInnis have captured the hearts of many with their love story.

Source: Soaps In Depth