Ghostbusters: Beyond | Is there a scene after the credits?

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The Splenger family doesn’t even have the money to pay the rent, so all of them are forced to pack their bags and leave home. Your destiny? His grandfather’s house in a lost town in the United States. Everyone is unaware that Egon Splenger he was actually one of the mythical ghost hunters. Lunatic reality or fiction? They will find out during the course of the new movie, Ghostbusters: Beyond. Lately, there is hardly any movie without a post-credit scene, is the same thing happening here?

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Does Ghostbusters: Beyond have a post-credit scene?

Yes, the new production based on the iconic saga of the eighties has a small sequence at the end, so we recommend that you just keep reading if you want to discover the secret it hides. Not afraid of spoilers? Then you can continue, but do not say that we have not warned before.

The scene stars two legendary characters who return to the film so many years later. We see on screen Bill Murray as Peter Venkman and Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett Venkmann. The woman has some cards in her hands and asks Peter to tell him what symbol he has captured, without seeing it. It seems that the old ghostbuster gets everything right and possesses a strange power, but in reality he is cheating. Since a mechanism has been attached to his hands, Dana can throw small cramps at him. And no doubt!

Ghostbusters: Beyond has reached movie theaters and can be seen from the December 3. More than twenty years have passed since the events of the first two films (the previous one has been conveniently ignored), so that Egon’s heirs will have to unravel the true secret of his family, closely tied to that of the town they have gone to. stop.

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