Ghostbusters: Beyond, we reveal the secrets of the new trailer with its director Jason Reitman

Ghostbusters: Beyond, we reveal the secrets of the new trailer with its director Jason Reitman

The expected New trailer for Ghostbusters: Beyond It’s here officially, so who are you going to call to find out all its secrets, MRT? Well nothing more and nothing less than film co-writer and director, Jason Reitman. We have spoken with him exclusively so you can give us some clues, secrets, and scoops on what’s to come in the sequel. But the first thing is to see the trailer, so here you have it:

Reitman sheds light on Sony’s film history, while keeping your biggest secrets safe when it comes to revealing too much about the antagonist, or how some of the actors from the original films make their return in Ghostbusters: Beyond.

Historically, Ghostbusters movies were always about people who were in business. A group starting a ghostbusting business“says Jason Reitman, son of the director of the two original films, Ivan Reitman.”I guess I knew immediately from the beginning that I wanted to make a movie about a family“.

Memory of the original Ghostbusters, Egon Spengler, played by the late Harold Ramis, is present in Ghostbusters: Beyond, where the character has also passed away. “This is a movie about the Spengler family. And the Spengler family is offline. This movie is about why “says Reitman.

To help him craft this new Ghostbusters story, Jason Reitman teamed up with Monster House director Gil Kenan to co-write the script. Besides turning it into a story about the family, it also They chose to place Más Allá in a totally different scenario from the one we have seen in the franchise.

Gil Kenan and I immediately wanted to establish a new location for Ghostbusters. Obviously, the franchise is synonymous with New York City, but we wanted to go somewhere new. We wanted to go to the American West. We wanted to go to farmland. We wanted a new color palette. We wanted to start a new idea. And this is a movie that is about discovery and it really is about a family going back to its roots.“.

That journey also dictated how the narrative should be structured. “We wanted the movie to unfold as a mystery. “Reitman says. “Why is this family here? Who was your grandfather? Why did Egon come to this part of the country, to Summerville, Oklahoma, why this house? What is under the ground?“.

Once the connection to Egon is established in the film, another familiar iconography from the original films is revealed: “Certainly, my connection to Ghostbusters always had to do with the tools, the traps, the car. And much of this movie is about the thrill of what it would be like to discover all these things in your home.“.

But it wouldn’t be a Ghostbusters movie without spirits, wraiths, or ghosts. That, however, made Reitman and Kenan delve into what makes the monsters of a movie in the series different. “Identifying what ghosts look like in Ghostbusters is really tricky. If you think about the ghosts in the original, there were only a few“Reitman recalls, citing Slimer, the librarian, the taxi driver, and a few others as examples.”And they look j ********* e different from each other“.

So what is it that connects the ghosts of the Ghostbusters? What is it that makes them belong to the same universe? And I can’t tell you how many hours we spend in long conversations over lunch, over dinner, trying to figure out what makes a Ghostbusters ghost a Ghostbusters ghost.

Their conversations resulted in the creation of Muncher, Ghostbusters: Beyond the original 1984 Slimer answer. “We knew it would be the same kind of free-floating Slimer. We knew he would be just as old and angryReitman explains.Something happened to Slimer over the years because people started to think of him as the Dalmatian from the fire station. The original Slimer was an angry and very scary guy and we really wanted to go back to that..”

Although the new trailer gives clues and glimpses of other original human characters, Only Ray Stantz, played by Dan Aykroyd, and Janine Melnitz, played by Annie Potts, appear in the present during the trailer.. Is Janine the mother of Carrie Coon’s character? All Jason Reitman tells us is that “we have a feeling Janine is still connected to Egon Spengler. In the ’84 movie, she had a crush on him and it is clear that she still has a connection with him and was trying to take care of him in his old age.

Reitman was a bit more forthcoming about the return of Dr. Raymond Stantz, who according to the trailer continues to run his store, Ray’s Occult Books, from Ghostbusters II. “For fans of the ’89 movie, you will recognize one of my favorite places from that movie that we have recreated down to the detail, down to the smell, frankly. And they’ll recognize the red phone and they won’t recognize this tattoo on Ray Stantz’s arm“.

If you look closely at Ray’s arm tattoo, it’s a nod to the speech from the Book of Revelations from the first Ghostbusters movie. “Dan Aykroyd and I had discussed the possibility that he had a tattoo and something that might acknowledge the acts of 1984“says Reitman.”And it immediately occurred to us that we would discuss this conversation that Winston [Zeddemore] and Stantz have just at the height of the 1984 movie“.

Having spent time in his childhood on the sets of his father’s Ghostbusters movies, Jason Reitman is well aware of how much this franchise means to fans because he shares his love and passion for it.. “I have kept it a secret very close to my heart. And part of that is because I feel like I’m not really carrying Spengler’s story, but rather I’m carrying my own family’s story.“confesses Reitman.”It’s been a long wait for me, as it has been for anyone who has waited for the next Ghostbusters movie. And I am delighted to share it with everyone. It is a movie made by a family about a family. My father and I can’t wait for you to see her in theaters“.

Ghostbusters: Beyond It will be released in theaters on December 3.

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