Gian Marco confirms a concert in Piura despite the fact that the Municipality reported that the event does not have authorization

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The singer Gian Marco Zignago He used his social networks to confirm that he will give a concert in Piura as part of his “Acoustic Quartet” tour, despite the fact that a few days ago the Provincial Municipality of Piura denied permission to hold said event.

“At 7:50 in the morning we left Arequipa, we go to the airport, we arrive in Lima and stop at Piura. Here we go! Piura, there is a concert tomorrow, “said the artist in one of his Instagram stories in which he is seen boarding the plane.

The Provincial Municipality of Piura issued a statement last Tuesday to inform that it did not provide any authorization for the development of the event scheduled for December 10.

As they explain, the organizers requested the permit outside the established deadline. In addition, the file they presented did not have the authorization of the Peruvian Association of Authors and Composers (APDAYC)

For this reason, we inform that the file has been declared inadmissible for being untimely and not having the authorization of APDAYC, having notified the organizers of said decision, and the Public Ministry has been informed for the corresponding actions in the event of any breach”, Warns the commune.

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