Gigi Hadid proves Bella Hadid is the coolest aunt with her daughter Khai

The adorable Khai can boast that his aunt Bella He is a supermodel and a superstar.

Like a proud mommy Gigi Hadid shared a ton of images, including a photo of his also famous sister Bella Hadid with a tender and glamorous moment with his niece.

Check them out in the video above!

The image is one of the few that Tooth has posted since asking photographers and fans to refrain from sharing unauthorized photos of the baby.

The older sister wrote a letter to the paparazzi in early July asking to keep her daughter’s life off the grid. She pointed out in the message that she and her boyfriend Zayn Malik They “can’t protect her from everything” the way they want to.

“He loves to see the world,” Gigi explained. “And while you get a lot of that close to the farm, you can experience other places as well.

She shared that her daughter “doesn’t understand why she’s covered” or why she and Zayn want to “protect her from” being photographed.


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