Gina Castellanos’ Health Struggle Inspires Her to Empower Women’s Health Journey

Gina Castellanos’ Health Struggle Inspires Her to Empower Women’s Health Journey

Gina Castellanos suffered from cystitis at an early age and struggled to find a solution. She discovered that the female menstrual cycle is essential for a good development in all aspects. After starting a podcast in 2009, titled Yo mujer, she discovered the ignorance in which women lived because of the menstrual cycle and what it represents.

That prompted her to continue finding out about the subject and now she presents the book Conscious Menstruation. She took advantage of her experience as a screenwriter and writer to bring to light this text that she is convinced can help other women who are going through conflicts like these.

“Conscious Menstruation has been my own path to healing. The habit of writing was always in me”. The producer also assures that “using my own life as a starting point I opened hearts”, and now, with this text, that there is a greater knowledge of the subject.

“Basic sexual education, knowing that there are four phases of the cycle and knowing what happens in each of them,” he warned. “Recognition of our own fertility because the body offers physical symptoms to tell you that it is in its fertile window or not, but we require self-monitoring to receive our menstrual cycle as a barometer of health.”

Gina Castellanos, who continues to work on her film, theater and television projects, is happy that Conscious Menstruation is now in bookstores. She believes that the menstrual cycle is a personal story. “How you get along with your cycle depends on whether you are open to receiving that information.”

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She added that she would like people to be curious about their menstrual cycle and realize how through it they can create anything from a flesh and blood baby to the life they have always wanted. Conscious Menstruation can help individuals understand the cycle better and promote a more mature self-esteem.

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