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Gina Gershon Told Playing Lesbian in 'Bound' Would Ruin Career, Make Her Unemployable

Gina Gershon Told Playing Lesbian in ‘Bound’ Would Ruin Career, Make Her Unemployable

Gina Gershon recently revealed on the “It Happened in Hollywood” podcast (via People) that her agents advised against her starring in 1996’s “Bound” due to the role being a lesbian character. Her agents specifically warned her that she “can’t play a lesbian” as it would impact her Hollywood career negatively.

“It was a great script and I could tell they were incredible directors, but my agents were like, ‘We will not let you do this movie. You are ruining your career,’” Gershon said. “‘We will not be able to let you represent. You will never work again.’”

Despite the warnings, Gershon stood firm, saying, “I just said, ‘Oh, well, I guess if you can’t represent me, I’ll go somewhere else.’ You know? No hard feelings.” She firmly believed in the Wachowski sisters’ script, emphasizing that it was shortsighted to view it merely as a lesbian movie. “It’s really a movie about trust,” she stressed.

In “Bound,” Gershon played Corky, an ex-con who starts a relationship with the girlfriend (Jennifer Tilly) of a mafioso boss. The duo hatches a plan to steal $2 million of the mafioso’s money. Directed by the Wachowskis before their rise to fame with “The Matrix,” the film has become a classic in queer cinema. Gershon criticized her agents as being “small-minded and shortsighted” for advising her against the role.

Reflecting on her character, Gershon added, “Plus, when does the girl get to play the hero, you know?” She loved the character for its break from traditional female roles: “I thought, well, I could cut off my hair, cut off my nails, have no makeup. I get the girl. I get the car. I screw over the mob. It’s a win-win all around.”

Listen to Gershon’s full interview on the “It Happened in Hollywood” podcast.

Source: People