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Gino Assereto to Tula Rodríguez after the kiss scene with Mario Hart: “You haven’t come to me to give me a little kiss” – MAG.

Gino Assereto He surprised Tula Rodríguez live in “En Boca de Todos” with a forceful claim, after she starred in a romantic scene with Mario Hart, in which they were about to kiss each other.

“Above all, you have the nerve to ask me what is my trunk due to, when your trunk has been walking yesterday with the Marios. Explain that to me, I don’t understand“Questioned the former member of” This is War. “

The ex-partner of Jazmín Pinedo took her protest further and questioned the host of “EBDT” not having recorded a similar scene with him. “You have not approached me to give me a little kiss “, he said.

Tula Rodríguez put the patch on and clarified that she would never be with a person younger than her. After remembering that she is also an actress, the presenter explained to the former warrior why she could not recreate a kiss scene with him.

“You know why (we can’t record a kiss), because there is no script, I am an actress. If you want to act with me, go to a workshop and we will plate”, He sentenced.

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