Gino Pesaressi reminds Tepha Loza of the time they couldn’t get out | VIDEO

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In the latest edition of “On everyone’s lips”They celebrated the birthday of Tepha Loza. Is so Gino Pesaressi He reminded the model of the time they failed to go out on a date and she asked him to be careful with what he says on camera, without giving a reason why they did not manage to have a date.

Before the return of a report, Pesaressi was caught quite close to the participant ofThis is war. To which Rondón jokingly asked him to respect the work schedule.

For his part, Pesaressi defended himself stating that he was asking Loza if he preferred seafood or meat. What’s more, he told the production that the next interview with the model would be done by him.

“I’m going to take her for a walk, the little food and then I’m going to leave her at home”, the co-host of the América TV space related how his interview would be.

In addition, Pesaressi began to tease Loza with loving compliments and even called her “pretty nice”, a fact that Rondón seemed to like. It should be noted that it is not the first time that the model flirts with the models who visit the set of “On everyone’s lips”.

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