Gisela Dulko launched a covert message for Fernando Gago for having deceived her: “Being faithful is a real pleasure”

Gisela Dulko launched a covert message for Fernando Gago for having deceived her: "Being faithful is a real pleasure"

Gisela Dulko and Fernando Gago they separated in the middle of a scandal that had international repercussions. He cheated on her with one of her best friends and she did not hesitate to leave the family home with her three children.

Two months after the episode, the athlete reported on the networks with a message that hinted that everything that happened with her marriage still hurts, which she thought would be for life.

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“From crying so much my smile faded. I learned that nobody belongs to me and they will be with me for as long as they want and should be. That being faithful is not an obligation, but a real pleasure ”, Held.

Gisela Dulko’s complete post, dedicated to Fernando Gago?

Through an Instagram story, the former tennis player overturned several of her feelings after returning to singleness. “From losing so much I learned to win. I know the floor so much that I only look at the sky. I hit bottom so many times that every time I go down, I already know that tomorrow I will go up. I am so amazed as the human being is, that I learned to be myself. I had to feel lonely to learn to be with myself and know that I am good company “, he specified.

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Then, he added: “I always tried to make everything perfect and I understood that really everything is as imperfect as it should be (including myself). I do only what I must, in the best way that I can and others do what they want. I learned that nothing in this life is safe, only death. “

Dulko acknowledged that she learned from mistakes, but does not live thinking about them. “There are irreparable mistakes, but they are usually a bitter memory that prevents you from getting ahead. Strong wounds are never erased from your heart, but there is always someone willing to heal them with the help of God ”, he concluded.

The new life of Gisela Dulko after separating from Fernando Gago

While the Racing coach enjoys his romance with Veronica Laffitte, Gisela Dulko spends her time raising Mateo, Antonella and Daniele, as well as some work projects and returning to the tennis courts in an exhibition.

“Dwarves are time consuming, so I am dedicated to them one hundred percent. And I am evaluating some proposals. I also have a clothing business for boys “, he said in an interview with For you.

Although he clarified that I was not going to give details of the infidelity of Fernando Gago, He acknowledged that he already mourned for the end of his marriage. And does it open the door to a new love? “You never know the turns of life, but now it is not something that is in my thoughts and my priorities, I have a lot of other things and I am focused on that,” she said, adding that her ex-husband is a very present father.

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