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Gisela Valcárcel at the seventh gala of “Queens of the Show”: “If you have to say chimoltrufiadas, here I am” | VIDEO – MAG.

Gisela Valcárcel kicked off the seventh gala of “Reinas del Show” amid great expectations due to the controversy that has been generated after the ampay starring Melissa Paredes and dancer Anthony Aranda.

In the first minutes, Gisela introduced the participants, who appeared on the set dressed as the members of “The neighborhood of Chavo.” Upon seeing them, the television host made a comment that generated laughter from those present.

“In this neighborhood, as our jury is going to notice, at some point more, nothing is missing. Because if you have to say chimoltrufiadas, here I am. And if at some point, friends, something escapes me, I’ll say: Oh, I was sparked! Welcome to the real neighborhood ”, Valcárcel said.

At another time, Ethel Pozo’s mother assured that she knew that many people were waiting for what she would say on the subject of the moment, that is, the controversy generated after the ampay starring Melissa Paredes and the dancer.

“Aldo, can you tell me that Yolanda has come today. No! Of the Chimoltrufia. Yolanda to the tooth they have left you, Yolanda today you are going to see the chimultrufiada that I say whyYou know I’ve been away from Lima for a few days, but I already found out about everything and I’m speaking tonight. And I know that tonight there are several little people waiting for me to speak, especially about a topic ”, he pointed out.

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