Gisela Valcárcel ‘blocks’ Edson Dávila: Always remember who signs your check | VIDEO

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This Saturday is the sixth gala of “Queens of the Show”And the program began with a versus between all the participants. Thus, at the time of the jury voting, Edson Davila he jumped with excitement for every point his team was awarded.

Is so Gisela Valcárcel She asks her to please stop jumping as she moves the space where she is located. “Don’t jump like the ground is burning I’m going down with you“, Commented the presenter of America TV.

This is where the host of “America Hoy” asked her to go further so that she does not feel uncomfortable by his emotion. “I have not made theater that they are watching us, for your comfort go below”, he sentenced entering his character.

It is there where Valcárcel decided to joke with him so that he does not bother her. “I’m going to tell you to locate yourself. It is night, you are not in the morning program and always remember who signs your check “he commented provoking laughter from the set.

This is where the popular ‘Giselo’ retracted and He said there was no problem and that he was going to move so as not to bother her.

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