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Gisele Bündchen Shows Off Long Legs in Denim Shorts at Family Beach Day

Gisele Bündchen Shows Off Long Legs in Denim Shorts at Family Beach Day
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Gisele Bündchen flaunted her toned figure during a Costa Rica vacation with her boyfriend, Joaquim Valente, and her children this week.

While at the beach, the supermodel wore a strapless bikini top tied with a string at the front, paired with micro-mini denim shorts. She embraced an all-natural look, letting her beachy blonde hair down and sporting minimal makeup. Her jiu-jitsu instructor boyfriend wore camo shorts as he spent time with her and her children. See her look here.

Throughout their relationship, the duo has been spotted together in Miami, where they both reside. Things are gradually getting more serious as Costa Rica, a frequent vacation spot for Gisele and her ex, Tom, and their family over the years, now becomes a shared destination for her and Joaquim.

Recently, Tom Brady’s Netflix roast made headlines with plenty of jokes about Gisele and Joaquim’s relationship following Brady’s divorce from Gisele. Despite reports suggesting the show might have caused tension, the two Brazilian natives are still going strong.

“Tom’s roast was a phenomenal success, but Gisele says he basically sold out his family for an easy paycheck. She is still furious and telling people Tom never took her or, more importantly, his children’s feelings into consideration,” an insider told OK Magazine.

However, fans on social media quickly came to the NFL star’s defense. “Oh good lord. It’s for fun! Where has everyone’s sense of humor gone?” asked one fan. Another user stated, “Oh whatever. It was comedy girl, get over it.” “He’s her ex! Nothing for her to be mad about other than leaving him,” said another person.

The source continued to add, “They’re still a solid unit. The roast just threw them for a loop because Joaquim is so private, and he didn’t like being the butt of a joke. Nor did Gisele!”

Source: OK Magazine