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‘Giselo’ refuses to perform a challenge of height and producer of “América Hoy” “fires” him live – El Comercio

Edson Dávila, better known as ‘Giselo’, made a live report for the program “America Hoy” from the Army Parachute School. The collaborator was in charge of explaining to viewers how to perform some height challenges, but he refused to jump because of his phobia.

Although he was dressed in the clothing to perform extreme sports and protected by some members of the Army, the collaborator of “América Hoy” refused to jump.

“I explained to the producer early on that I am not going to fuck myself. I am not good for this ”, expressed ‘Giselo’ very nervous.

Faced with this public complaint, Janet Barboza and her driving companions turned to the program’s producer, Armando Tafur, to give ‘Giselo’ some indication.

The producer approached the microphone of Barboza and before the disobedience of his collaborator, Armando Tafur indicated that ‘Giselo’ “You are fired”.

Edson Dávila was not silent and expressed his annoyance live: “Well then you (for your fellow drivers) lift the show alone. Thank you for the opportunity”.

After the words of ‘Giselo’, the production of the program did not reconnect with its collaborator and its fate in “América Hoy” is uncertain.

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